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Man leaves gym to join photoshop coaching center to become fitter

25, Jul 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After failing to lose weight and become fitter even after gymming for 4 months days continuously, 22 year old Adhairya has decided to join adobe photoshop coaching center to get in shape.

The idea struck him after browsing through Facebook profile of a college girl whom he had ignored earlier in the day. He witnessed a never seen before transformation; a perfect figure, all the dark circles gone, a fair skin, etc. all in the span of just a few hours. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and cried whole night repenting his decision to ignore her.

Adverse affect of a man who tried photoshopping himself.
Adverse affect of a man who tried photoshopping himself.

“I was relieved only after I saw her again the next day,” Adhairya revealed.

Upon inquiring from her friends, Adhairya found out about the magic software called Adobe Photoshop, usage of which can transform one’s appearance overnight. What appealed him the most was the fact that unlike gymming, it can be done while lying in the bed and munching on some burgers.

“This photoshopping is a 100% result oriented exercise which guarantees instant fitness. It has satisfied all those who have practiced it, and that too in just a matter of few hours,” Adhairya quipped as he installed adobe photoshop.

“I am sure Baba Ramdev would gain more popularity and supporters if he starts training for photoshop instead of Yoga,” he claimed.

“This, coupled with some photography lessons on the angles to be used while clicking photos, would make me the fittest person in India digitally,” Adhairya victoriously announced while browsing through the latest DSLRs available in the market.

As in gymming,  Adhairya feels that a good trainer is a must have even in photoshopping, and that’s why he decided to join a coaching center instead of trying it out himself.

“Doing it on your own can have adversely opposite results if you are an amateur,” Adhairya warned people against using YouTube videos to learn the art.

Adhairya however thanked technology for coming to his rescue again while pointing to an earlier occasion where he made news after becoming the first person to have successfully developed six packs on forefinger by rigorously playing Temple Run.