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Man loses selfie while trying to save himself from falling off building roof

25, Jan 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In a shocking incident, a 21-year-old man lost what could have been a perfect selfie when he decided to save himself from falling off the rooftop of the building he was standing upon, instead of clicking the selfie and falling to death afterwards.

Eyewitnesses confirm that Sumit, the erring young lad, had got the terrace of the 30 floors high building he resides at opened after bribing the security guard with 500 rupees. It was a small price to pay for a perfect selfie he had been looking for.

“He wanted to upload a selfie with title ‘Mumbai ka king kaun’ with almost entire city visible in the background of his selfie,” confirmed a Facebook friend of Sumit, “He was very excited about it. We had talked only last night about it.”

The boy was all set, but the selfie was lost.
The boy was all set, but the selfie was lost.

“I can’t believe that the selfie couldn’t be clicked. It’s really sad,” the friend added.

Faking News talked to the building security guard who accepted that he took the bribe. “So? Go and catch those people who have done bigger corruption, why are you bothering me?” said the guard after which this reporter told him that we were not looking for a corruption related story. We just wanted to know the truth behind death of a selfie.

Convinced of our motives, the guard recalled what happened. “That guy gave me the 500 rupee note and immediately climbed up on the roof edge. I guess he wanted to add a couple of feet to the height of the building for better effect,” the guard recalled.

“After proudly looking around as real king of Mumbai, he finally took out his phone to click the selfie. I don’t know why he made different kind of faces, but I couldn’t hear the sound of a photo clicked. Suddenly he appeared to lose his balance. I was scared that he might fall off and die and I could lose my job, but he saved himself. He jumped down on the roof, after which I caught him.”

“I told him to go away as I can’t take responsibility of a death just for 500 rupees. He too was scared I think, and he went away without arguing with me,” the guard revealed how the selfie was lost.

The incident has shocked the selfie loving community who believe that Sumit has been guilty of not trying enough.

“Selfies are not for such chicken hearted people. I hope Sumit makes it up by taking selfie while standing on the top of a fast moving Mumbai local train,” a selfie lover said.