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Man misses his station to stare back at co-passenger who stared at him while traveling in Metro

28, May 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A Gurgaon based man today missed the station he was supposed to get down at in his bid to stare back at a man who stared at him while traveling in Delhi metro.

25 year old Randeep Ahlawat, who boarded metro from Huda city centre station and was supposed to get down at MG Road station traveled all the way to Civil Lines where the man staring at him finally got down.

Having won the battle, a tired Randeep later boarded a metro back to Gurgaon.

Faking News spoke to a jubilant Randeep whose eye balls were fixed at one position due to the unprecedented amount of strain he put them into.

Randeep with his friend.
Randeep with his friend.

“I am never the first one to stare at a co-passenger until and unless it happens to be a girl,” he told Faking News. “But nevertheless I am last the last one to blink my eyes if someone decided to stare at me. My father has always taught me ‘Never start a stare but always be the last one to finish it’. It’s all about self respect and family’s pride.”

“I mean just how could I get up and leave when his eyes were still fixed at me. That would have meant I have accepted defeat,” he went on to explain. “And I had to also stare back at him for at least 1 min longer than he stared at me.”

“Though initially I was a bit uncomfortable as I was getting this gayish feeling, but thanks to my ego and the culture I come from, I decided to take him head on, literally,” he revealed. “Also it being extremely hot outside due to summers and metro being air conditioned was another motivation.”

The onlookers of the fierce battle claim that while Randeep had his weak moments in between when his eyes were beginning to give up, betraying his determination, having not blinked for close to an hour. But he held them with his fingers and went on with the job.

Latest reports suggest that Randeep had still not reached his destination as he got himself involved in another stare-battle with statute of a local leader, whom he thought was staring at him.