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Man not answering phone to make people listen to his newly subscribed caller tune

18, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ever since Mannu has subscribed to his new caller tune 6 days back, his phone hasn’t stopped ringing, as he hasn’t picked a single call.

Mannu, who has subscribed to Balliando, latest song by Enrique Iglesias, wants to make sure everybody who calls him, listens to the song and thinks of him as a classy stud.

His colleagues in the office were the first ones to notice this unusual behavior.

Mannu's impression of how girls go when they call him.
Mannu’s impression of how girls go when they call him.

“First he kept gazing at the screen for good 10 seconds as if some Sri Lankan was calling him and he was trying to read the name. Then he silenced the phone when everybody around started giving him awkward looks,” his next cubicle colleague revealed how Mannu deliberately delayed picking up calls.

“Not picking up calls serves dual purpose. First your caller gets impressed after listening to your full caller tune, second, people around you get impressed after listening to your ringtones,” Mannu claimed.

Mannu’s past caller tune was hardly noticed by anyone in his circle. According to sources, it was just those ICICI bank’s credit card salesmen, whose calls he would ignore, that were aware of the ringtone.

However he is taking all possible precautions this time.

“He didn’t even pick up call of a female colleague he had a crush on,” a friend disclosed how determined Mannu was.

When pointed that he could still pick up the call after 5-6 rings, as callers would have heard his hello tune by then, Mannu sarcastically retorted, “Yeah you bet!”

“The caller tune doesn’t even start by then,” he clarified, “In fact, sometimes I wonder if I have subscribed to a song or ‘Is gaane ko copy karne ke liye 9 dabayein, maasik shulk laagu’.

“It puts off the caller immediately and is the worst possible prologue to the songs that I subscribe to,” he continued.

However Mannu assured that he would soon start taking calls.

“It may take few more days for me to perfect the art of picking up calls just seconds before it ends. I am getting there but until then, I can communicate through WhatsApp,” he told Faking News.