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Man orders a book titled 'How To Learn Patience'; receives it after a year

30, Oct 2017 By Akash Vadera

How many times has it happened with you that you have ordered something online and the delivery got delayed? Delays by 1 or 2 days are tolerable, but what happened with Gurgaon-based Manoj Sharma will leave you thinking. Last year, Manoj had ordered a book ‘How To Learn Patience’ from Amazon. And he received the delivery not after a week; not even a month, but after a whole year!

We interviewed Manoj and here’s what he had to say “I ordered this book ‘How To Learn Patience’ from Amazon a year ago, 25th October 2016, to be precise. I paid through my debit card. But I didn’t receive the delivery even after a week. I called them and they told me to be patient, it’ll come. I waited for a month but still didn’t receive the delivery so I called them again. This time also they told me to be patient. I used to call them once after 15 days and they used to give the same reply ‘Be patient’. I was not able to wait anymore. I started becoming restless. Every time someone used to ring the doorbell, I used to think it’s my delivery. I started losing sleep. I was becoming very impatient. Then a friend suggested me to do Yoga. I started doing Yoga at 6 a.m. I started meditating at beaches. My restlessness started reducing day by day. I was slowly gaining patience by waiting for the book to be delivered.”

He further added, “Now whenever there was a ring at the doorbell, I didn’t even bother. Sometimes, I didn’t even open the door. I had become that less bothered and patient. Even though I got yelled at by my dad for not opening the door because he was standing outside drenched and it was raining, but it was worth it.”

So when did he receive the book? He answered, “I finally received the book on 25th October 2017, exactly a year later. I was very calm and patient when I received it. I opened it calmly. And to my surprise, the entire book was blank with only these lines written on the first page – “Hope you’ve learned now!” I understood the deep meaning behind this and I am very thankful to the author, to the seller and even to Amazon for working in sync together and teaching me how to be patient. The Rs. 9,999 I spent on the book was totally worth it.”

We asked if he plans to buy any more books, to which he replied, “Yes. Yesterday, I ordered a book ‘How To Save Money’ and I am waiting for it to get delivered.” When asked upon the price of the book, he replied “Rs. 19,999”.