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Man ostracized from friend circle after they realize he hasn't watched The Wolf of Wall Street

13, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Pune. The unprecedented peer pressure of watching the last week Hollywood release “The Wolf of Wall Street” has claimed its first victim in the city. A 24 year old man Swadesh was today ostracized by his friends from their circle after they realized he has not yet watched the film.

It all started when even after 7 days of it release, Swadesh failed to see the film, and his friends saw no signs of remorse in him. The friends were reportedly discussing about the films when they noticed that Swadesh was not contributing at all.

The wolf of wall street
A must watch to avoid getting socially outcast.

“He looked keener to discuss some bhojpuri film called Dedh Ishqiya,” onlookers confirm.

As per sources Swadesh was already warned on earlier occasion by his friends when he confessed not watching football and having no knowledge about Manchester United at all.

Faking News tried to get in touch with his ex-friends to get their side of story but many of them claimed not knowing the guy at all. Only after we assured anonymity did one of them agree to speak.

“We feel ashamed to have ever had any kind of relationship and contact with him. We have some standard and image to maintain. We can’t risk being called gauti (no reference to Gambhir) for no fault of ours by others,” disclosed an ex-friend who sounded as if not watching the film was a punishable offence under IPC.

“We even offered to finance his ticket. He just had to sit through the movie but he refused,” he further explained the efforts they took to force convince him.

Another friend in the circle who saved himself from getting outcast in the society and Twitter too explained his predicament.

“I am a diehard sallu bhakt. You can even call me Internet Sallu. I was saving pocket money to spend it all on Jai Ho. But such was the pressure that despite me having no interest in the film, I went and subjected myself to it,” explained the guy who faced some difficulty searching for his brain at home after he had permanently removed it to enjoy bhai’s films.

“At one point I thought the way everybody was tweeting about it that there are some tax benefits if you watch and tweet about it,” he further displayed his naivety.

However Swadesh isn’t affected by the treatment being meted out to him, “I am an Aam Aadmi, and strongly feel that this VIP culture of watching Hollywood films needs to be done away with,” said Swadesh appealing people to give chance to aam actors like Aftab Shivdasani, Neil Nitin Mukesh etc and watch their films.