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Man pees in pants after failing to find a clean urinal to pee in his office washroom

19, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Bangalore. A 28 year old man working as a senior executive in a city based MNC, today had to pee in his pants after his quest to find a preferred, hygienic and clean urinal in his office’s gents toilet yielded no results.

Pissabh Susukumaran who suffers from an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, wherein a person doesn’t urinate until he has found what he perceives as the cleanest looking urinal, was reportedly left with no other option and had to pee in his pants, when even after spending close to 6 hours in his toilet, he couldn’t grab a clean urinal.

According to Pissabh’s colleague and friends, even at the time of his recruitment, when his peers were interested in knowing the length of lunch breaks and tea breaks, he had specifically asked HR how long the loo breaks would be, leaving everybody stunned and amused.

According to sources, just as he entered the toilet, he spotted his colleague cum rival Ajit Pawar occupying what looked like the cleanest possible urinal out of the 4 that were installed in the toilet.

Ajit who himself suffers from the same OCD immediately decided to extend his peeing duration by few more hours to annoy and get even with Pissabh who had got a better appraisal than him recently.

Seconds before he gave in to the pressure.
Seconds before he gave in to the pressure.

Ajit then called his friend Munna, a 29 year old third year engineering student, and asked him to bring bottles of cranberry juice (known for their ability to increase urine output faster any other drink) which he could then consume and justify extending his session further.

Sensing that he is in for a time consuming battle ahead with Ajit and his own insecurities, Pissabh immediately informed his reporting manager and HR and applied for a half day leave.

Pissabh understood the dirty game (Pun intended) of Ajit when he refused to vacate the urinal even after one hour. He called up his Housekeeping Department to inform them about it and asked them to either clean the remaining 3 urinals to his satisfaction by placing the required number of naphthalene balls and removing mucus, hair etc from them or pull Ajit away.

He even went to the extent of sponsoring installation of an all new urinal in the toilet compound, but the housekeeping staff laughed it off and left requesting Pissabh to not pull their leg.

Frustrated and visibly in lot of pain, he then diverted his attentions to other things and remembered the time when he had created a world record of holding the pee for 24 hours in his college days after he failed to find a clean urinal.

He tried all that he could to control his pressure. He first downloaded Shiv Khera’s “You can hold” a self help book on how to hold pee for a long time. He even called his yogic friend and asked of exercises and aasans that could help him strengthen his bladder. But he couldn’t hold it beyond a point.

Adamant not to pee in an open space outside office building and unwilling to pee over Ajit and sinks in the washroom, Pisshabh lost his control and peed in his pants itself.