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Man permanently turns squint eyed after constantly trying to ogle at girls on streets

10, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 25 year old man Pervertiwari, who suffers from OCD of leering at every second girl that passes by him on streets, from the corner of his eyes today ended up permanently squinting his eyes.

The unfortunate incident happened when Pervertiwari while attempting to ogle at a girl on a local running parallel to his, but in opposite direction, turned his eye at such a high speed towards his right and at a complete 90 degree angle, that his right eye ball got stuck to its extreme right position, with only his left eyeball returning to normal position.

Pervertewari in the act.
Pervertewari in the act.

Shocked by what has just happened, he was taken to the nearest hospital by onlookers, where on examining, doctors told him that he would now perpetually remain squint eyed due to the extreme burden he has put on his eyeballs all these years.

“This is very sad that it happened to a person as considerate as him. He was a pervert, but a responsible pervert who did not want girls to know that he was ogling at them lecherously and hence would do so in sneaky manner so that he is not caught in the act, and doesn’t end up offending girls,” his friend told Faking News.

Some of his friends however looked at the bright side of the entire situation.

“This is a blessing in disguise. Now he can look straight and still not be accused of gazing at someone,” a friend said while trying to console Pervertiwari.

However Pervertiwari is not convinced with their arguments and is determined to get his eye back to normal position.

He intends to do so by repeating the same incident again. However this time he would gape at girls walking on his left hand side. He is hopeful one day he will be able to move his squinted eyeball at the same speed and get it back to its normal position.