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Man refused entry at a wedding after he was found carrying bedsheets as a wedding present

27, Jan 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: A man was refused entry at a local wedding yesterday after he allegedly brought bedsheets as a wedding gift for the happy couple.

Bedsheet as wedding gift? Don't even think
Bedsheet as wedding gift? Don’t even think

Bedsheets which are also dubbed as the most boring presents are now being red flagged at most events. The incident happened last night at an upscale 3 Star hotel.

We spoke to the guy who vetted the man out of the party and he said, “Well I being the youngest brother of the bride and also being 9th fail had no real way to contribute to the proceedings, then to salvage some of my respect I pitched the idea of not allowing people with terrible gifts to enter. My father who was already pissed off after giving Rs 30 lakh as dowry and paying for the Rs 3000 per plate wedding, readily agreed.”

“Tell me if we are effectively spending about Rs 3000 per person, can’t the guests even oblige us with a token gift which would cover 10% of the costs and if not possible at least bring something that can be put to some constructive use,”  he added.

“People even add insult to injury after gifting double bedsheets. Now tell me, can the married couple who are also techies earning 3L per year be able to afford a double bed or for that matter a house which is large enough to fit a double bed! We are now planning to ask the government to create a panel which will create a list of presents which would be outlawed and their possession at a wedding would be deemed a punishable offence. The list includes Flower Vase, carpets, dinner sets, bedsheets and a lot more items,” he concluded.

The man who brought the bedsheets has meanwhile defended his action and said, “You see bedsheets are the best presents, now tell me you need to change bedsheets after doing you know what, right! So more the bedsheets, more would be the number of times one can do it without needing to go do laundry. Hope I receive an apology.”