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Man rejected for Project Manager's position as he didn't have enough belly fat

06, May 2017 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In a bizzare  incident, a job seeker was rejected for not having enough belly fat for the position of Project Manager in an IT company.


36-year old Rohan Kumar answered all questions with confidence, and even produced a dozen certifications in Agile and PMP to prove that he was really capable for the job.

The only problem with him was that he was an avid runner, running 3 times a week, and shedding those unwanted calories from Aloo Bonda excess consumed during evening snack time.

“How can a project manager exercise? A real project manager will sit for several hours at a stretch, type on the keyboard in a loud and irritating manner while filling in boss’s boss’s excel sheet, and most importantly, subordinate-source the remaining work,”  Mr. Sampath who interviewed Rohan said.

“No fat in the belly implies no sedentary lifestyle which is quite detrimental to a PM’s growth, physically and up through the ranks. Moreover, the candidate didn’t show any previous experience in abusing the system, and clearly lacks knowledge on existing loopholes,” said Mr. Sampath who seemed worried about project managers’ future.

Dejected Rohan has now applied for other positions like HR, where chances of selection seem much brighter owing to the aura and charm the department demands.