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Man removing dust from dry fruits boxes he received last year to recycle them as gifts this Diwali

21, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Diwali is just 10 days away now and everyone is busy with the preparations for the festival. While some people are busy cleaning, decorating homes, shopping, Arun Kumar is busy removing the dust from all the boxes of dry fruits he received last year.

Gift box
Your neighbor’s Diwali gift this year, just like last year

Arun is planning to clean all those boxes that he has in storage and give them as gifts to his neighbors in the society. Exchanging gifts and sweets is part of the festivities on Diwali and Arun is fully geared up for it.

“When I got all these gift packs containing dry fruits last year, I immediately knew what I would be gifting next year. I kept all the boxes carefully, only for this day. Once I clean the boxes thoroughly and wrap them up in some wrapping paper, it will be like a brand new gift. My neighbors won’t suspect a thing”, a smiling Arun told Faking News.

“All the gift packs in the market are so expensive. If I buy new ones, I will end up spending several thousand rupees on them. I don’t love my neighbors that much. At most, my love for them is worth 100 Rs, that is the amount I am spending on the wrapping paper here”, Arun added.

When we asked Arun what if the dry fruits have gone bad, he said,”Of course they must have gone bad but who cares. They aren’t going to eat these dry fruits. They will recycle these boxes and gift them to their friends. The chain will continue as it has continued ever since people started giving these boxes as Diwali gifts.”

When we asked whether he is also expecting more dry fruits boxes as gifts, Arun said,”Well, some are inevitable but I hope someone gifts me a tea set as well. My last cup broke 2 months back and I am avoiding the purchase of a new one in the hope of getting it as a gift on Diwali.”