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Man sells his ancestral home to pay donation for Nursery admission of his son, falls a little short

18, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgaon: Getting admission for your child in Nursery is a battle, and getting the child admission in one of the reputed branded schools, a full scale war. To get his son enrolled in one such international school in the city, 31 yrs old Akshay Singh sold the 100 yrs old family home to arrange the funds. However, he still fell a little short and may apply for a bank loan to make up the difference.

The dreaded board that parents don’t want to see

“As you know, unless your child studies in an international school, his education is useless. Now we have a good number of international schools in and around Gurgaon but the competition to get in has also increased a lot. My son managed to somehow pass the written test, group discussion, technical interview and HR interview at one of these schools, and the school agreed to give him admission. I was so relieved until I saw the amount of money I had to come up with to complete the admission process”, Akshay said.

“Once I saw the amount required, I decided to sell our family house. Nobody lives there anyway and that looked like the only way I could pay all the different fees they had mentioned. However, after all the negotiating and renegotiating, the amount I finally received was still short of the amount required”, Akshay added.

When we asked Akshay if he will consider some other ‘national’ school now instead of this international school, he said, “Oh no, never. I can’t play with my son’s future like that. We all know that international schools provide international education and that is what we require in this day and age. This is why you see only international schools come up these days, need of the hour.”

Akshay is now considering a personal loan to come up with the balance amount required.