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Man sets a new record by stealing third blanket from Rajdhani Express

06, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. 37-year-old Rajesh Kumar left his friends and neighbors in a mix of awe and shock when he announced that he had successfully stolen third blanket from Rajdhani Express, the Air-Conditioned trains of Indian Railways, from as many trips in the last one month. Working as an Area Sales Manager in a submersible pump manufacturing company, Rajesh completed his ‘hat-trick’ while on an official trip to meet a client.

“The attendant counted the stack twice and moved around confused in the coach, but he couldn’t find out the missing blanket in my laptop bag.” giggled Rajesh, as his friends assembled around him this morning to get the vital details of the great train robbery.

Although Rajesh didn’t share the essential tricks of the trade, he did give tips to his friends on how to confound the co-passengers as well as the attendants while making things disappear from their sight. Rajesh has amassed a wealth spanning seven towels, four pillows, six bed-sheets, four thermos-bottles, and numerous tea-kits from his train trips till date.

Rajdhani Express
Rajesh loves the sight of Rajdhani Express

Having perfected the art of pilfering these paraphernalia, now Rajesh aims to rob the railways of assets like the mirrors and ceiling fans.

“It is a big challenge but I’d definitely give it a try next time.” Rajesh announced to his group of friends, who couldn’t stop marveling his towering ambitions.

“Impossible is nothing.” he added.

Rajesh refuses to accept that he is indulging in practices that are essentially criminal. His father used to work in the Indian Railways as a Depot Material Superintendent and Rajesh had been accustomed to seeing Railway property in his house since childhood.

“Even our ancestral house was painted in brick-red and yellow, the two favorite colors used by the Railways to paint every damn thing. Even to this date our house is famously known as ‘rail ghar’ in our village.” Rajesh proudly informs.

His father wanted Rajesh to take up a job in Railways but Rajesh was too interested in working in ‘private sector’ and ended up with a sales job with Om Sai Pump Makers.

“These stuff would have anyway come to my home had I heeded to my father’s advice and took up a job with the Railways. At least now I’m not taking home any salary and helping the Railways save some cost. How is this criminal?” Rajesh put forward his logic, defending his debatable deeds.

Meanwhile, the attendants of Rajdhani Express have confirmed that some blankets had gone missing in the last few weeks, but they denied the possibility of Rajesh being the culprit.

“That saab is nice. He gave us 50 rupees as sewa-paani (tip) last time he traveled.” said Gajraj Singh, the train attendant, adding that he suspected a poor looking guy, who perhaps traveled in an AC coach for the first time, to have committed the crime.