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Man shocked to find a ‘kadak’ note has same value as crumpled one of same denomination

27, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Noida. A 27 year old man got a shock of his life when he found out that a kadak note has same value as that of a crumpled one of the same denomination.

Ashutosh Kejriwal, who had so far been paying only crumpled notes everywhere, had this belief that a fresh, brand new, and creased note carried a value at least 1.5 times more than an old sullen wrinkled one.

However the correct realization dawned upon him, when he paid a kadak note of Rs 500 to the mall accountant, after purchasing stuff worth Rs 750 and started leaving their premises.

thousand rupees
Not worth 1000 rupee?

When stopped by the accountant and mall security, he said that he didn’t need the change and they could keep it for the good service they offered to him.

When told that he had paid them 250 rupees less, and they were not stopping him to return the change but to extract the balance, he became agitated and got into a brawl with the entire staff, accusing them of looting customers and following corrupt practices.

“This is not possible. You are lying,” he argued. “Just 10 minutes back I paid a crumpled note to an autowalla and he refused to accept it, asking for another one instead. Why would he do so if the notes had same value?”

When his friend who was accompanying him intervened and told Kejriwal that the mall employees were indeed right, he accused him too of being hand in glove with the mall management.

Sab mile hue hain. Tum sab ke sab chor ho,” he blasted his friend, asking him for how many kadak notes did he sell his soul for, to the mall authorities.

It was only after he took a referendum from every customer present in the mall that he got convinced of the wrong perception he had all along. To his credit, he immediately apologized to everyone for his mistake.

However, latest reports suggest that Ashutosh was now planning to get clarity from the mall management about value of toffees given in exchange of loose change.

“And why toffees of a particular brand only?” he asked.