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Man stands for national anthem while watching theatrical print of pirated movie on laptop, gets appreciated for being patriotic

30, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Gurgaon: Ankit Jain, a 25 year old IT professional from Gurgaon was trending on twitter after news of his patriotism went viral on social media, at a time when not standing to national anthem is being supported by so called intellectuals.

Ankit stood up as the  national anthem started playing on his laptop
Ankit stood up as the national anthem started playing on his laptop

Speaking to Faking News Ankit’s friend who was witness to this unusual display of patriotism said, “We were watching a camrip of the latest bollywood movie, like we always do on weekends and just like it happens in the theatre, the national anthem started playing. While the rest of us we sitting, Ankit immediately stood up. I couldn’t help but take a pic and post it on social media, which immediately went viral.”

Ankit himself was surprised with the attention he got. “I had just a few 100 followers on twitter till yesterday, now I have 20k followers. Even those pretty looking girls who never replied to my tweets are now sending me DM’s with smileys,” he said, visibly pleased with the attention he was getting.

OB vans were seen outside his rented apartment trying their best to get a few words from him even as ‘Ankit aapko kaisa lag raha hai’ echoed in the passage outside his apartment.

A few enthusiastic reporters were also seen speaking to Ankit’s neighbor, the doodhwala, dominos delivery boy, security guard and maid servant in a bid to figure out more about the man who could be voted as the Most Patriotic Indian of 2015.

Ankits act also managed to get a mention in the winter session of the parliament with Home Minister Rajnath Singh saying that he became emotional after hearing this news more than he has ever been in his life before.

“Such patriotism is unheard of in today’s times. Such acts must be appreciated,” he said as he got a Watsapp msg from an opposition leader to rake some controversial issue and get Parliament adjourned.