Man staring at phone to avoid being called for a dance at a family function

06, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Faridabad: A 30 yrs old man, Sanjay Sangwan, is staring intently at the home screen of his mobile phone for the past 2 hrs to avoid dancing at a family function in the city. Sanjay’s cousin is getting engaged and he is sure that sooner rather than later, someone will try and drag him to the dance floor so he is avoiding any eye contact to delay the inevitable.

Mobile screen
Sanjay is staring at this screen to avoid dancing

Dragging unwilling people to the dance floor is one of the rituals of family functions in India. Sanjay, who doesn’t mind shaking a leg when he is with his friends, is totally uncomfortable with the idea of dancing in front of his family members and is desperate to avoid it.

“Smart phones are the best invention I tell you. If I had no phone, I would have had nothing to focus my eyes on. In that scenario, someone would have made eye contact with me and once that happens, you are done. They will come and drag you to the stage and ask you to dance even if you have no such intentions. Why can’t they just dance by themselves and let others be”, Sanjay told our FN reporter during a bathroom break.

“It is not that I don’t like dancing. However, I need 4 pegs in me before I am comfortable enough to embarrass myself in public. Since my family thinks I am a teetotaler, no chance of a drink here and hence, no chance of me dancing. I have successfully stared at the phone for 2 hrs and by my reckoning; I have around 2 hrs more before I can leave. Fingers crossed, nobody bothers me during that time”, Sanjay added.

Just then, a middle aged man came and asked Sanjay to head inside as people are looking for him at the dance floor. In response, Sanjay left the bathroom saying,”Just one minute uncle ji, I am getting a phone call. I will attend and return shortly.”