Man starts talking in English as soon as girl walks into Metro coach

04, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. An unidentified man who had been talking in Hindi on phone, suddenly switched to English on phone as soon as a girl walked into a Metro coach and took a seat next to him, eyewitness confirm. The man, apparently in his late 20’s, is believed to have done so in order to impress the unknown girl.

“He was talking in Hindi, with a clear Punjabi accent, most probably to some of his office colleague before this girl, really good looking, walked in at Jor Bagh,” recalled one of the fellow passengers who witnessed the linguistic transformation.

Delhi Metro
People usually hoped to befriend girls in long train journeys, but some try their luck in Metro too, sources say.

Sociologists believe that the behavior of the unidentified man was in keeping with observed and known traits, which make male members of a species undergo behavioral changes when a female is in the vicinity.

“Yes, the changes are biological as well as linguistic,” an expert confirmed, “Human beings have advance linguistic skills so they change language, while other birds or animals come up with changed sounds.”

“Yes, men who burst into with whistles or catcalls after seeing women are less evolved, and thus end up with changed sounds rather than changed language,” the expert revealed.

The more-evolved-than-your-next-door-eve-teaser man couldn’t be located by Faking News for comments though co-passengers claim that he failed to have a chat with the girl whom he was trying to impress.

Sources say that the man continued talking in English for a couple of minutes before he hung up and tried to have a word with the girl seated next to him. But to his shock, the girl got down on the next Metro station. He waited for a few seconds and redialed the same number.

Haan bol be kya bol raha tha, pencho line mein kuchh problem thi,” he’s reported to have told his office colleague and resumed his discussion in Hindi.