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Man stops singing his favorite tune after realizing that it is streaming on mobile data, not WiFi

17, Sep 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: 21-year old Siddharth stopped singing his favorite song playing on the radio all of a sudden as he realized that the song was playing on his mobile data, instead of wifi at his home.

When mobile data flows like a river, all you can do is "get surprised"
When mobile data flows like a river, all you can do is “get surprised”

Siddharth is a final year engineering student, desperately waiting for the year to end, and jump into a workplace. Like everyday in the night, he started pointless chats on WhatsApp with Gaana.com running in the background.

“I was listening to Coldplay-Clocks at high volume and singing along at the top of my voice. It was in the middle of the song that I realized I had listened to one complete album before this song, on mobile data and not WiFi. After this epiphanic moment, I felt Coldplay is not important in life, and thought dad is right about this,” Siddharth said as he spoke to Faking News.

“I had lost 800 MB of data to mere song listening. Had I spent that data on chatting, it would have been worth it. The internet problem at home still persists and isn’t going to get solved at-least for 2 days. Circumstances can teach you a lot in life, a lot,” ended Siddharth as he put some boring mp3 into his phone to pass time in the meanwhile.