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Man stuck in yoga position as power goes off during TV lesson

23, Jun 2015 By MRP

Bangalore. After all, the International Day of Yoga was not such a happy one for this software engineer from Uttar Pradesh. For Yoganand Kumar Arora, now settled in Bangalore, it has indeed become a day to remember, but for the wrong reasons. The only exercise he had performed till then was to sit in front of his computer, stare at the screen or punch the keyboard feverishly, perhaps with a packet of potato chips on the side. However, on this day, he performed a complicated yogasana following instructions on the TV, but got stuck in that position as power went off in his locality and he could not retrieve himself from the situation without further instruction.

Stuck in a yoga position on International Yoga Day
Stuck in a yoga position on International Yoga Day

When UN declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga, Kumar took a vow to start performing yogasanas starting on that special day.

In the run up to the Yoga day, he prepared himself by buying all the relevant paraphernalia like yoga mat, mat cleaner, bolsters, yoga suit, head band, wrist band, sipper, towel, socks, grips, gloves and such, all ordered online, in offers of upto 50% discount. Coming to know of a TV lesson to be telecast on the Yoga Day, he concluded that following the instruction on the TV was the best way to kick-start his regimen.

On the D-day, he got up early, had his morning quota of caffeine and calories, and sat in front of the TV eagerly waiting for the lesson to start. He was impressed with himself as he could easily perform some of the asanas taught and felt his days of a flat belly and athletic body were not far away. He even performed one of the most complicated asanas with relative ease. It is when he was in that position that what should not have happened, happened.

The power went off and he did not know how to get back to the normal position. By the time power was restored, which was just a few minutes later, the instructor had progressed by a couple of asanas and Kumar was left high and dry.

Kumar continued to suffer as he could not even reach his mobile phone to reach out to others. It was only when the pizza delivery boy came to deliver the large pizza Kumar had pre-ordered the previous day, that he could ask for help. Kumar explained his “position” to the delivery boy who in turn alerted the neighbours. One of them called the TV channel hoping to get hold of the yoga instructor through them, as he alone could deliver Kumar from the predicament. But they were told that the telecast lesson was something recorded long ago and the instructor had since migrated to Africa as a bone setter for a nomadic tribe.

Latest report suggests that the fire brigade and paramedics are still working on the case.