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Man successfully catches Virar-Andheri fast local, gets job offer

07, Apr 2014 By Jaywant Gawade

Mumbai. This can be quite shocking for all job seekers as an MNC in Mumbai has offered job to Mr. Rahul Ghadi for catching Virar-Andehri fast local from Dahisar station.

This is not the first time Rahul did this heroic act. This has been his everyday routine, but he never imagined that this could change his professional life.

Mumbai Local
A feat indeed.

The incident happened this morning when Rahul appeared for a job interview in an MNC. When the interviewer asked, “We want someone competitive for this post, so why do you think you are suitable for this position?”

To this Rahul instantly replied, “I catch Virar-Andheri fast local from Dahisar without missing it for a single day. I am never late for my job when I am traveling by train.”

Interviewer got shock of his life after hearing Rahul’s answer. The resume of Rahul fell down from his hand and his jaw dropped.

Bahut kraantikaari! Bahut hi kraantikaari!” the interviewer said and instantly offered Rahul the job with seven figure salary.

It is a well known fact that not even air can enter inside Virar-Andheri local trains, especially during morning time. It’s considered superhuman if a person successfully boards the train in the first attempt.

“This is a masterstroke of genius,” quoted Rahul’s friend and mentor Mr Digginath, “I have seen him catching local train every morning and beauty of his success is that he never travels like conventional hurried traveller. You will never find him on a train top or on guard in-between coaches. It’s a deep secret how he does this. He could be made Prime Minister of this country for this feat. This job is just a small token of appreciation.”

HR experts tell Faking News that recruiters in Mumbai specially hunt for skill sets like catching a running train, ability to manage as the 4th person on the seat, ability to push people back with a bum and forward with a tummy, comfortable with a noise and smell, etc. so that a person reaches office in “uncompromised and fresh” mood to work.

“Furthermore, these are qualities of a tough person,” explained the interviewer who selected Rahul, “If you can catch fast train and sustain all the tough pressure, you are a go getter and can be a good manager.”

“We will be adding similar talented people to our diverse pool of workforce and concentrating on other metropolitan citiess of India likes Delhi and Bangalore,” company CEO Mr. Kapil Siddle added.