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Man successfully takes 95 minutes to finish his tea in a 5-star restaurant

02, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. KRK Shinde, a 26 years old man was successfully able to prolong his stay at a five star restaurant after he took 95 minutes to finish the tea he ordered for himself and his date.

As per onlookers, when KRK entered, he looked so hungry as if not only his own order, he would grab and eat all the food kept on nearby tables as well.

But after having a long look at the menu, he ordered tea and nothing else, and that too 1/2, for himself and his date. This after waiters told him that 1/2 of cutting chai, his original order, was not available and possible.

KRK asked waiters to serve tea in wine glasses.
KRK asked waiters to serve tea in wine glasses.

As per the staff of Wasabi restaurant in Taj Hotel, KRK took some 45 minutes just to decide what he wants to order.

“He was going through the menu so passionately as if he was reading a playboy magazine,” restaurant’s manager told Faking News, “In the meantime a family that came after him ordered their meal, finished it and left.”

The restaurant staff soon understood that KRK was deliberately dilly dallying and was in a mood to prolong his stay at the restaurant with his date, who pleaded with us not to identify her in this report.

After realizing KRK’s tactic, the restaurant management asked all their waiters to stare at him to put pressure on him to finish his tea and leave. Bot those intense eyes couldn’t defeat the intensity of KRK’s resolution.

“He sat there with confidence of a man who had just purchased the restaurant,” a waiter recalled.

The longevity of his stay can be gauged from the fact that waiter who was tending to him had to leave as his shift had got over and a new waiter had to take over.

“I was shocked to see every time he looked like taking a sip; the tea level instead rose from the original point,” the second waiter revealed, “I guess he was spitting in the cup to increase tea’s quantity.”

It was only after KRK’s embarrassed and frustrated girlfriend got up and and the tea had turned into iced tea, he finally gulped the entire tea in one go and left.

“How could he have wasted the order, so he had to gulp it down!” the manager said.

Meanwhile the management of Wasabi is contemplating setting a 15 minute time limit for customers who order just tea.