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Man sues restaurant for serving Paneer Butter Masala that saffronized his hands permanently

03, Oct 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad. In what is being considered as a unique life time gift by any restaurant to its customer, a “Mera Rang De” restaurant in the City of Pearls has reportedly served special Paneer Butter Masala to its customer which, later, lead to permanent saffronization of his hands.

Pankaj is a software employee who loves to eat out during weekends. He loves variety so much that he ends up trying a new restaurant every weekend.

Though he loves restaurants, the restaurants don’t reciprocate the same amount of love.

“Tip is derived from the sound made by its pronunciation. Only change can make the sound ‘tip tip tip’ when you drop them,” explained Pankaj when asked about his stinginess in giving higher tips.

“Pankaj appreciating paneer butter masala.”

It all began on a Saturday afternoon when Pankaj stepped into a new restaurant called “Mera Rang De”, about 10 kilometers away from his house. He had searched for this place before ending his day at office on Friday. The picture of Paneer on the online menu tempted him so much that he decided to go there for lunch the very next day.

With a watering mouth, Pankaj reached the restaurant and ordered his favorite dish. As he savoured the taste of Paneer Butter Masala, he showered appreciations on the cooking staff, the server and the manager.

The restaurant manager thanked Pankaj for the compliments and clicked a quick picture of his hands (as in file picture) as he planned to put the picture on compliments’ board.

Pankaj went home after a sumptuous, luxurious meal at “Mera Rang De” and slept for around 3 hours. As he woke up and washed his hands, the color didn’t seem to go. He tried turpentine, kerosene and even petrol from his bike; none of them removed the saffron color from his hands.

Two weeks passed as he expected the color to fade way, but it never seemed to go. Soon, Pankaj became so famous in his town that some local politicians started negotiating with him if he could join their party as as his hand color suited their ideology.

Frustrated with extra attention and no solution for his saffronization, Pankaj finally sued the owner of “Mera Rang De” filing charges of permanent coloring against will. As per sources, Pankaj is currently dealing with Ram Jethmalani for being his lawyer to maximize the settlement amount.

Meanwhile, a reputed home decors & paints industry has requested a few samples of restaurant’s food color for possible usage in its upcoming varnish product.