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Man tries to make Samosa watching a cookery show, ends up making an oily Pav Bhaji

23, Jul 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A regular eater of Mumbai street food, Mr. Patil, tried his culinary skills making samosas at home, during the weekend. The sincere effort turned into a disaster, when the preparation ended up with making an oily bhaji, it is learnt by Faking News.


“I have eaten all the street foods of Mumbai, all my life. I have a special liking towards samosas and Pav Bhaji. Yesterday, I have finally decided to make samosas myself. Coincidentally, a cookery show was running in a channel, explaining in detail step by step procedure to make the tasty snack. I have prepared the filling with potatoes, peas and other stuff carefully avoiding the tomatoes” Patil explained the initial preparation to Faking News.

“Everything was normal until the filling was added to the burning oil. The boiling of potatoes and peas, mixing of masala and adding peanuts to have that crunchy feel, while biting a samosa. I followed the instructions to the last letter. Took a break during the commercial break and when I came back, the chef was putting the mix in the oil to make them samosas. I did the same and the entire mix became unevenly mixed with the oil and it was like one big bowl of an oily bhaji” Patil told Faking News.

“I called the channel immediately and asked for the chef. They have informed me that it was a recorded programme. The programme director for the show came for help and suggested me to use the preparation as bhaji for the pav. Samosa or pav bhaji, street food or home food, I made the snack I always chew on during the week and the weekends” Patil summed it up to Faking News.

Mr. Patil watched the next episode and tried to make Biryani and ended up making tomato rice, it is learnt by Faking News.