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Man turns politician after addressing a large crowd in Delhi Metro

29, Mar 2015 By rajatbhateja

New Delhi. A man achieved immeasurable feet by turning into a politician after he ‘accidentally’ addressed a large crowd on a Delhi Metro station. The common man achieved the feet unintentionally, sources confirm.

It all started after the man slipped on a banana peel while boarding the Metro. He got annoyed and started cursing the system and the government, drawing immediate and rapt attention from onlookers and fellow passengers.

The impromptu speech started when the man uttered a universally acceptable incestuous word aka Jaime Lannister against the Indian government (which every Indian somehow relates to). Then the man started blaming the government for everything from increased crimes to potholes to reservations.

Crowd at Delhi Metro station
The first rally by FML

The message soon resonated with the thousands of passersby travelling via Rajiv Chowk Metro station (which other metro station has so many people?) and the crowd started gathering around to listen him.

The man identified as Fukre ‘Mika’ Lal, is being referred as FML by his supporters.

He has now gathered a lot of attention to be considered a relevant game changer in upcoming political scene, claims the overly enthusiastic Indian media. The party that FML established at the Metro station has been named DARD (Desi Aadmi Rona Dhona) party.

A Faking News reporter present on sight was able to talk to one of the people in the crowd. On asking what made has made the common man so impressed by FML, he said, on conditions of anonymity, “Well, to be honest it was me who had thrown that banana peel on which he almost slipped and killed himself. But he successfully blamed the system and the government. I think this impressed everyone, not only me.”

Meanwhile BJP chief Amit Shah has already started strategizing against FML and has called him a “Naxalite” lest DARD starts winning elections.

Arvind Kejriwal too is all set to schedule a press conference where he is expected to present staggering evidence against FML for his involvement in “multiple” scams, thus leaving him and his party as the only genuine party that can blame the system.

FML reacted to all this by saying “Tum dono se na ho paayega.”