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Man tweets while driving, meets accident, uses Google Maps to go to hospital

01, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A man addicted of using mobile and internet while driving today was convinced that he was doing it right after he was able to reach hospital on time due to Google maps on his phone, after meeting with an accident.

Having somehow escaped accidents so far despite this habit, 25 yeard old Nashedi Yadav, met with one today on Noida Expressway, where he rammed his car into an electric pole.

Sources confirm that the man met with the accident after he tried taking a selfie while speeding on the Expressway, apart from live tweeting his driving experience.

Nashedi Yadav's future, if he continues with his habit.
Nashedi Yadav’s future, if he continues with his habit.

Immediately after the accident, he was surrounded by onlookers, few of whom surprisingly offered to take him to nearby hospital. But he was adamant that he would check it on Google maps and go all by himself.

“He was badly bruised, almost unable to move his arms, hands etc but was fortunately conscious. When we offered to take him to hospital, he refused and screamed what’s the point of having so many apps on my mobile if I still have to take help of others,” revealed an autorickshaw driver who offered to take Nasehdi in his auto.

“He immediately checked his mobile. Happy to see it working fine, he started looking for nearest hospital on Google maps. And while at it, I also saw him logging into Facebook to post ‘feeling alive’,” further disclosed the auto driver.

He then left in his car, navigating on mobile with one hand and moving steering with other.

He reportedly posted another status “Technology is a boon” after successfully finding the hospital.

When doctor told him that he would be fine as he reached the hospital just in time, he immediately thanked and credited his habit of using mobile that came to his rescue. He further vowed to continue using mobile while driving.

When doctor told him that he wouldn’t have been in such a position had he not used mobile in first place, he first spammed Facebook page of the hospital and later logged on to various review websites and gave the hospital and doctor ‘0’ rating, and moved out.