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Man unable to swallow food without simultaneously watching something on mobile, TV or laptop

26, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Amit Sharma, a young working professional from the city is facing a bizarre problem of not being able to swallow food without watching something on mobile, TV or laptop.

Reportedly, the problem is a serious side effect of Amit’s old habit of eating while staring at either mobile, TV or laptop screen.

For easy swallowing.

Amit first realized this problem when he was visiting a restaurant with one of his friends.

“Somehow I forgot to carry my mobile phone along with me and even the large LCD TV at the restaurant was not working because of technical issues. Once the food was served, I started eating. But to my shock, I was unable to swallow the food,” Amit narrated the incident from last evening, adding that it was then he asked his friend to play some video on his mobile and place it at the centre of the table, “And it worked!”

Explaining the problem, a doctor says, mobile, TV and laptop have started acting like saliva, which helps in swallowing food.

“It has finally happened because Amit is doing this for years. He doesn’t even remember when was the last time he ate food while looking at food and not looking at some screen,” Naresh Agrawal, the psychologist who is treating Amit told Faking News.

Adding further Naresh Agrawal said, he was expecting more of such cases to come.

“Out there, many people don’t even know that they are suffering from the same problem which Amit is facing. I request them to perform a check by trying to eat with no mobile, laptop or TV nearby,” said a worried Dr. Agrawal.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the incident, few restaurants have increased their count of large TVs.

“We care for our customers, and we want them to have a pleasant eating experience at our restaurant,” commented owner of a famous restaurant.