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Man untangles his ear phones in just 47 minutes, enters Guinness world records.

09, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Chandigarh: What all can you do to become famous? How about untangling your earphones to get your name in Guinness world records !


That’s exactly what happened with 34 year old Jasprit who, on Sunday, got his name registered in Guinness book of world records for untangling his earphones in a record 47 minutes.

Faking news reporter spoke to Jasprit, who said that he went to a nearby park for jogging and decided to listen to music, like he regularly does, but his earphones were taking a little more time to untangle than usual. That is when he realized he should call Guinness book of world records as he might get featured in the book.

The Manager of a famous earphones manufacturing company, KBL, has a different viewpoint about this untangling problem which he referred to as a feature of their company’s earphones. He said, “We often make such earphones that take time to untangle. Since youngsters these days often use them on busy roads and even while driving, untangling frustrates them and decreases their will of listening to music on roads, thus saving them from accidents”.

Peacemaker and religious guru Sri Sri Shivshankar ji agreed with this decision of KBL’s chairman and further said, “Untangling earphones teaches and tests your patience. Untangling of earphones > 10 minutes of sudarshan kriya”.

Whether you like it or not but earphones do teach you a lot about life. Howsoever difficult life may look but you have to untangle it in order to enjoy the music.