Monday, 6th April, 2020


Man using office printer only to print son's school homework assignments

03, Mar 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Office printer, one of the places alongside coffee machine and water dispenser, where colleagues gather around to discuss office politics, is slowly falling out of favour. With everyone pushing for paperless offices these days, these workhorses are slowly losing their relevance in current office environment.


However, there is one task for which office printers are still heavily used, to take printouts for school assignments of employees’ school going children.

Faking news can confirm that Mr. Anurag Singh, employee of an IT company in Delhi, has been using the office printer exclusively for that purpose for the past 4 years, ever since his only son started going to school.

When our ground reporter cornered Anurag, he broke down and confessed to this crime. After regaining his composure, Anurag said, “Schools these days have become really advanced, so they have decided to go with paperless schools. As part of their paperless program, they have started forwarding worksheets to parents via emails, and then we have to take printouts for our children. The hard copies after completion of the worksheet are then submitted to the school so that they can sell it to the raddi wala.”

Initially I thought about buying my own printer for this purpose but the sheer volume of the worksheets and assignments the school forwarded to me scared me. With my own printer, I would be out buying new cartridges every single day, so I had no option but to use the office printer. As it is, nobody uses this printer so I am just keeping this machine in good running condition with this. I stay late in office every day, wait for everyone to leave, and then take all these printouts. My boss is also happy as he thinks I stay late at work every day to work for the company so I have been getting good appraisals for the past 4 years”, Anurag added.