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Man visiting mall for free WiFi offered free shopping vouchers for being loyal customer

29, Sep 2017 By itsmihir1993

Vivek (25), a Delhi-based engineer won free shopping vouchers worth Rs 25,000 from a city mall after being recognised as the loyal customer for visiting the mall every day for two years. Vivek, who is unemployed, used to visit the mall for free WiFi, which was the only low-cost item in the mall despite several attractive offers in various stores.

An ecstatic Vivek said, “Soon after CM Arvind Kejriwal announced free WiFi in Delhi, I set off on the journey to connect to the WiFi provided by the government. After searching in every corner of the city and walking for almost three days to no avail, I visited the mall washroom to pee—and to my surprise, my phone got connected to an open WiFi network!” He further added that he then started visiting the mall every day and used the WiFi to download movies from Torrent.

The mall manager, who, surprisingly, was impressed with Vivek, said, “He visited our mall even during demonetisation, unlike other visitors who gave up on us due to cash crunch. It was then when we decided that we will never find a more loyal customer, and awarded Vivek the free vouchers.”

Being a frequent visitor of the mall, Vivek does not need to go through the security checks at the mall now. “We know that he will never blow up the mall because he’ll lose out on free WiFi if he does so. Hence, we have stopped checking him to see if he is carrying prohibited items,” said the security in-charge at the mall.

Vivek, on the other hand, has demanded the full redemption of his vouchers. “I am an engineer and I will never be able to earn Rs 25,000 in my life. If my vouchers get redeemed for cash, I can at least tell my parents that my prolonged unemployment won me a reward.”