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Man visits a supermarket, buys only the things which are not in his list

14, Mar 2015 By RT

Bangalore. A man of mid-thirties Mr. Shoppe Kumar visited a supermarket during the just concluded weekend. Fresh from a dentist’s visit, his shopping list had just 3 items. 1. Oral-B tooth brush 2. Colgate Toothpaste 3. Colgate Plax Mouthwash

The moment Shoppe entered into the supermarket, involuntarily he pulled a shopping cart and started going between the aisles, aimlessly first and with a certain purpose of filling his cart, thereafter.

The urge is just irresistible.
The urge is just irresistible.

It takes a week to form a habit, researchers say. For Shoppe, it just takes a few seconds, each time he enters into supermarket, to suddenly develop interest towards a certain range of products.

Shoppe half-filled his cart with Shampoo – regular, anti-dandruff etc., Hair oil straight from the forests of Amazon and combs of various sizes, colors and types. The remaining half of the cart was filled with rice packs and a Tennis racket, balls and accessories.

When finally Shoppe crossed the aisle where dental products were stocked, he had a look at the cart and it was full with no place left for more shopping. Shoppe hesitated only a moment before throwing away the list of 3 dental products and rushed to a counter which accepts Sodexo coupons for him to pay for all the rice packs using Sodexo.

On the way out, he said hello to his family doctor and to his horror remembered the advice from last week’s health checkup: Shoppe to eat only chapatti and roti for lunch and dinner and stay away from rice for at least next 6 months.

He was cursing himself, driving into his apartment, about the bizarre compulsive buying disorder spreading in India and finally catching up with him. When he realized his apartment does not have Tennis Court, he felt weaker and his knees started to tremble.

The fatigue worsened when he absent-mindedly rubbed his head to find himself with a shiny, clean-shaven head.

“Shoppe was found in unconscious state near his flat entrance with the Shampoo bottles scattered all over,” the neighbors later reported to the Faking News correspondent.