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Man walking his dog found less cultured than the dog

02, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Gurgaon. An unidentified man in his 40’s was found to be far less cultured and disciplined than his pet dog, whom he took out for a walk earlier this evening. The conclusion was reached by at least three different citizens present in that area at around the same time.

“The dude was spitting paan and gutkha randomly in the park, you can still trace his route by looking at those stains,” Ram Kapoor, a regular jogger in Devi Lal Park told Faking News.

“But what a cultured Labrador he had!” Ram revealed, “The dog pooped only once and that too far away from the walking track, into the root of the plants and trees. Didn’t even pee on the car tires!”

Man walking a dog
The cultured dog with the uncultured man in the millennium city

Arvind, another citizen who had gone to the park to watch college girls taking brisk walk, corroborated what was witnessed by Ram.

“Yes, that man was totally uncultured,” Arvind said, “He didn’t even say ‘sorry’ when his left arm brushed a girl passing by. He started fighting with me when I objected to his behavior.”

“He was barking like a mad dog telling me to mind my own business,” Arvind recalled the behavior of the man, who was a bit podgy and wore kurta-paijama, “I thought we’d almost come to blows but people in the bark intervened and pulled us apart.”

“However, all this while his dog didn’t say a word,” Arvind, like Ram, was all praise for the brown Labrador, “He (the dog) looked visibly embarrassed by the behavior of his owner and he looked the other way when this guy was screaming and shouting at me.”

One of the park keepers too confirmed that this unidentified man with often picked up fights with random people, however, his dog never ever barked on other dogs.

Faking News tried to reach the dog who could be a role model for urban people, but our reporter picked up fight with a man driving on the wrong side of the road and missed the deadline for filing this report.