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Man wearing same denim pair daily preaches water conservation after getting caught

17, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

Colleagues of Daood Sheikh (27), a resident of Delhi, recently caught him wearing the same denim pair for a period of one week in the office. Sheikh’s woes did not end there as his colleagues went on to blame him for the dead-rat stench in the office premises. Defending himself, Sheikh claimed to be an environment lover who did not wash the pair in order to save water.


Sheikh, employed in an IT firm as a techie, is an IIT graduate. His unwillingness to wash his clothes dates back to his IIT days. A nostalgic Sheikh said, “During my graduation days, none of the engineering students would wash their clothes. In addition to it, we would go days without bathing. Nobody had a problem with our habits back then because we were all the same.” Sheikh added that he felt bad when he was pinpointed for polluting the office environment.

His boss, who is an engineer himself, recollected his college days when the staff complained to him about Sheikh’s smelly attire. “How can I fire him when I see my younger self in him all the time?” he asked, before suspending the HR manager for bringing up unimportant issues to him. Explaining the suspension, he said, “For once, I can excuse all her blabbering, but she has time and again failed to decorate the office premises properly on festivals. If she cannot decorate the office, what else have did hire her for?”

Sheikh, who was ecstatic after the boss backed him, issued a stern warning to all the colleagues to start a water conservation drive at workplace. “We should all save water in today’s crunch. I hereby pledge to wear the same underwear every day and save water by not washing it,” he said.