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Man who after looking at every girl and saying 'Bhabhi hai teri' to his friends finally manages to get married at 56

27, Jun 2015 By sunnyyy

New Delhi: A wave of happiness has hit the Virgin Colony of East Delhi where 90% of the residents are single males ever since their self proclaimed veteran cum legend named Sunoji Sharma somehow managed to get married at the age of 56 this Sunday.

It is believed in inner circles of Virgin Colony that Sunoji Sharma always had a knack to sense the presence of girls even from a distance of 1 km. He was always the first one to say “Bhabhi hai teri” to his friends after looking at a girl.

His flight as a bachelor.
His flight as a bachelor.

“I still remember it clearly that sometimes without even looking at the girl Sunoji used to say ‘don’t look at her, Bhabhi hai teri’. At one point of time, almost every girl in the college and on the stalk streets of Connaught Place was our Bhabhi. So the d-day came and we had to stop our evening stalking sessions with him and our Bhai was not our Bro any more. Many times Rishteys (proposals of arranged marriage) came for me and I had to say no after seeing their faces because Sunoji had called dibs on them and made them my Bhabhis,” Hanji Gupta old friend of Sunoji Sharma told Faking News.

He further added, “The funny part is this, all the girls he called our Bhabhis after looking at them, all these girls said, “Tu toh Bhai hai mera”, after looking at him. I am happy that he has been finally blessed with Savita Bhabhi such a cultured girl.”

When Faking news caught up with Sunoji Sharma he said, “Your Bhai has got married finally. I forgive all those girls who rejected my application for their husbands and rather offered me the position of their Bhai. The atmosphere in my neighborhood is like the ending of Lagaan when it rains, every bachelor bhai of mine is so happy now and hoping for a chain reaction leading to their marriages.”

When our Faking News reporter tried to check out Sunoji‘s wife, Sunoji said, “Beth Ja kake, Bhabhi hai teri and that too officially.”