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Man who believed money can't buy happiness sues his neighbour after finding him happy with a new car

18, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Nirmohi Shukla, a man in his early 40s and a firm believer in the principle of “money can’t buy happiness” has sued his neighbor Dhanpat Singh, after finding him happy with his new car.

Dhanpat Singh, who bought the car yesterday, was spotted smiling along with his whole family by Nirmohi. “I caught them red handed, and it’s not only Dhanpat, his whole family was involved in that shameful act of being happy with materialistic things,” Nirmohi lashed out at his neighbors.

Is it just a machine?

Nirmohi claims that his neighbors are conspiring to misguide him and his family from the path of true happiness.

“These kind of people are diluting the meaning of true happiness. I mean, why the hell were they so happy by owning metal parts assembled together?” a shocked Nirmohi wondered, “They have a little garden in their house and it rained too recently. Greenery, birds, or even mosquitoes don’t appear to matter to them. Never seen them happy with those things. For them, happiness means car!”

Nirmohi has sued Dhanpat for causing him annoyance and indulging in obscene acts in public place. He has requested the court not only to punish Dhanpat, but even to give a landmark judgement to define happiness properly and keep cars out of the definition.

Sources tell Faking News that Nirmohi Shukla not only monitors happiness of his neighbors, but even of his own family members.

“Few days back Papa bought a new TV for us, but we were instructed not to show an iota of cheerfulness on our faces,” disclosed Prateek, 14-year-old son of Mr. Shukla, “On the first day, we avoided watching cartoons and comedy shows, else he would have punished us for being happy with things that money can buy.”

As per close friends of Nirmohi, whenever he buys new set of clothes, he tries his best to make the worst possible face while wearing it.

Meanwhile, Dhanpat Singh is looking for an out-of-court settlement with Nirmohi. Sources say, he is planning to mellow down anger of Nirmohi by giving him a written statement that he never bought happiness, rather it was given free by the company and the showroom.