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Man who saved 150 rupees on air ticket via multiple discounts, buys Rs 500 samosa during flight

17, Nov 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Shanker Sankeernbuddhe a mechanical engineer by profession was in state of utter shock after he realized that it took him 13 hours to find out the best air-ticket discounts which all totaled to just 150 rupees, whereas he ended up spending almost 500 rupees on buying samosa, ketchup and bottled water when he finally took the flight.

The 'Rs. 500 Samosa' that was purchased during flight
The ‘Rs. 500 Samosa’ that was purchased during flight

A distraught Shanker told Faking News, “I did online shopping worth ten thousand rupees on an e-comm website and then I got a discount coupon worth 100 rupees which I used to book a flight. Plus I used my Citi Bank credit card and I got further 45 rupee off. And I had chosen the ICICI payment gateway which further waived me off 5 rupees. So in total I got a whopping 150 rupees discount on my Air-ticket worth 9873 rupees. I was so happy. I immediately went out and celebrated with friends. But I did not know that these airlines had other ways of extracting the discounts back from us.”

After wiping his tears and snorting his nose he again continued, “Inside the flight I was tempted to buy tea first, but it was priced at 178 bucks. Which I thought was a waste because it gets cold in 2 minutes anyways. I then bought a sandwich worth 278 bucks which came along with ketchup but then I felt like taking extra ketchup and a bottle of mineral water too and before I knew I was handing over a “kadak” 500 rupee note to the smiling air-hostess. I felt really empowered that I am finally able to buy food “in the air”. But I regretted it so much later that I survived just on sev-puri and mint chutney for next 3 days.”

While Shanker has locked himself up in a room and extremely saddened owing to this episode, as per his friends this is not the first time Shanker has had a case of extreme mis-judgement.

His ex-girlfriend Julia who is a fashion model said, “6 months back he car-pooled and changed 3 buses to reach airport for saving just 250 rupees, but ended up buying tomato and cucumber sandwich at airport which cost him 550 rupees. He was in state of deep grief for a few weeks and fasted for 2 days.”