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Man who sold illegal gun to Salman claims Salman is innocent, had asked for a toy gun

29, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Jodhpur. Taking a cue from Salman Khan’s driver, the shopkeeper who sold the illegal weapon to the star has now claimed that Salman was indeed innocent, as claimed by actor in court today.

Making a shocking revelation, shopkeeper claims that Salman had come to his shop to buy a toy gun and in a strange mix up, ended up taking a gun with expired license.

“Salman is completely innocent. He was not aware that the gun he took with himself was a real one and could kill anyone, when fired,” claimed Tara Singh, the man who sold gun to Salman.

Salman checking which one of the 2 is a toy gun.
Salman checking which one of the 2 is a toy gun.

“Those illegal arms that he carried and used, were actually mine and thus he had no intention of killing the black buck. He was only indulging in a friendly banter with the buck,” he added.

On being asked why did Salman not check the gun before leaving, the Tara argued, “Like he is always in a hurry to sign films even before reading scripts, here too he seemed in hurry to buy the gun and leave.”

“Also he practices what he preaches, and thus like he advises his fans to leave brains at home, he too believes in that policy, that’s why he could not differentiate between the real gun and a toy gun,” he went on to explain.

Tara Singh further disclosed that he did try his best to avert the tragedy.

“I tried to call out his name after I realized that he had taken the wrong gun with himself, but he shot back ‘Ek baar jo maine kisi gun se commitment kar di toh main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’, so I left it at that,” he revealed.

Immediately after the shopkeeper revealed this, Salman’s fans took to twitter like Asaram Bapu’s fans and started trending #BhaiIsStillAnInnocentChild and #निर्दोष_सल्लुभाईको_न्यायमिले.

Meanwhile, family members of Black Buck killed by Salman too have given a clean chit to the actor.

“We had told the buck several times to not roam around in open. Since Salman was quite new to the industry back then, he may have taken director’s ‘we are shooting tomorrow’ literally,” said Hiran Lal, Black Buck’s elder brother.