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Man with DSLR turns out to be a real photographer, IT industry shocked

23, Jul 2014 By fightamonkey

Bangalore. In a shockingly bizarre incident, a man with a DSLR, multiple lenses, and some very expensive camera gear was found to be an actual photographer, and not some IT engineer.

It should be noted that usually people with high end DSLR cameras are thoroughly bored-with-job engineers, desperately trying to find an alternate career in wildlife photography by capturing bored expressions of the wild animals and birds in a local zoo. They also use this passion to indulge in blatant voyeurism by clicking bikini clad women at beaches and passing them off as “candid portraits” on Facebook in hopes of a million “likes”.

No, he is not an IT engineer.

Which is why the league of bored IT engineers were alarmed when a real photographer without any connection to the IT industry was found.

Following this shocking development, some of the IT engineers-cum-“oh me so pro photographer” have written a note to NASSCOM demanding a probe into this matter.

An official from NASSCOM confirmed receiving the note and informed that the organization has called a meeting of industry champions to look into this matter as soon as possible.

According to sources, the industry is overwhelmed as this little incident has the potential to add to the misery of the already depressed and eternally single IT engineers, thereby tanking their productivity further.

A NASSCOM official, who wanted to be named but will not be, said, “Photography is an inborn natural talent in our folks and the government, which promised ‘achchhe din’ to the people, should take remedial steps to ensure that they don’t run out of alternatives. As it is, achchhe din has hammered the dollar making the industry bleed left, right and center. Now this will further hammer our confidence.”

Meanwhile, the photography industry is finally having the last laugh. A panel headed by famed photographer Badoo Ratnani hailed the photographer, who had earlier managed to shoot the wedding (and actually shoot the wedding and not flowers and thaal and utensils and halwaai and cows and what not).

The DSLR camera carrying pure photographer has further been promised a role in Ratnani’s next year’s swimsuit calendar, thereby causing a double whammy to the software professionals (one less scantily clad woman in the calendar) who were already feeling threatened by the photographer.

On a completely unrelated note, about 1000 software engineers were found performing Yagya with a DSLR camera as offering in an IT company called Canonikon IT solutions, which was beyond our reporter’s (and our) intellect to comprehend. We will leave it to our readers to make sense out of it.