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Marriages, where groom's friends did not perform "Naagin Dance", to be declared invalid

29, Nov 2014 By 91kundan

New Delhi. In a historical decision that might affect the country’s social structure, a sessions court here declared that those marriages would be declared invalid in which the groom’s friends did not perform Naagin Dance after getting drunk.

While listening to a PIL filed by an aggrieved Dulha (groom), the court gave this verdict yesterday. The petitioner had claimed that his friends did not perform Naagin Dance even after getting drunk, that too on Deshi Tharra. This clearly shows that nobody was happy with his marriage (which he himself realised later), so this marriage be treated as invalid.

Mandatory act

Pronouncing the verdict, the judge also censured the friends for being high on free ka daaru (free liquor) and still not feeling happy for their friend.

“Since basic norms were not followed in this marriage, this court considers this alliance as null and void,” the judge said.

The verdict has received mixed reaction from various political parties and intellectual people.

Akhil Bhartiya Kunwara Sangathan has welcomed this judgement. The organization of “single” men is now expecting addition of lots of members to their party in near future.

Many married men were reported to be searching for their wedding albums and videotapes to confirm that no “naagin dance” was performed by their friends, so that they can become single again and start flirting with new women.

Welcoming the decision of the court, the Home Secretary (matter related to Home, after all) expressed his happiness.

However, the government has different opinion over why naagin-dance-less marriages should be declared invalid. According to sources, the government thinks that naagin dance was a part of Indian culture since ages, and no one was allowed to disturb the secular and traditional activities in our country.

“Naagin dance is a symbol of what grooms have to prepare for after the wedding,” a government source told Faking News, “I mean, dancing to the tunes of the wife. Also, such dances the baraat, which gives enough time to the bride and the groom to re-think if they should really marry.”

Meanwhile, keeping up with modern times and judgments, even top pandits are considering to bring in a little change in the wedding rituals so that such cases don’t arise in future.

“Besides sindoor and saat-phere, we are feeling the need to add Naagin Dance by groom’s friends as one of the requisites of declaring a couple husband and wife,” said pandit Gurunath from Delhi, who till now has conducted 185 weddings.