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Marwaari guy's wallet not opened in 25 years; placed in Prince of Wales Museum

01, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Marwaris are strictly taught not to waste food, or waste resources, (including water) and most of marwaari parents enforce those restrictions on their kids.That’s why marwaaris are perceived kanjoos (Which I don’t think they really care much about). But a recent live example seen in Mumbai has really put the authorization label on the myth that Marwaari’s are not a free spending community.

The Old Wallet_sm

Shwetank Sharma, a Marwaari staying in Mumbai had to deal with a compliment which actually is not a compliment. Actually, some of his friends have submitted his wallet to the Prince of Wales Museum in Great Britain. Shwetank had not used or rather opened his wallet for the last 25 years. Every time it was his turn to pay for snacks or tea when he was out with his friends he would make some or the other reason for not opening his wallet.

One of his friends had even seen some spider web on his wallet as it was an unused entity for much of Shwetank’s existence on the planet. It was only last week when finally the patience of Shwetank’s friends gave up and they decided to honor or let’s say shame Shwetank in public. One of his friends removed the wallet from Shwetank’s pocket when he was fast asleep and then gave it to the Museum of Wales in England.