Monday, 6th April, 2020


Marwadi couple arranges son’s wedding just 3 days after daughter’s wedding to utilize dance steps learnt for first sangeet

20, Feb 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Marwadi’s are known to be frugal and efficient when it comes to spending for a resource. A couple who had wedded off their daughter just three days back arranged their son’s wedding soon as they were forgetting the dance steps learned for the first sangeet and did not want to spend again for the dance steps at the son’s wedding.


Many would argue that they should have arranged both the weddings together to save costs at the wedding too, but forgetting the dance steps was never in question for the couple as they thought they would remember the steps even after some years. It was just then when they had this thought that it’s better to utilize the steps as soon as possible as the dance class fees is too high in Mumbai. So they arranged their son’s wedding in two days’ time.

This was a record in the marwadi community as they spend a lot of time arranging weddings to analyze the cost and other factors. Sanil Sharma, the groom of the second wedding, had no clue that he was getting married at such a young age. He was, in fact, preparing for his entrance exams when he was told that first he has to get married, studies can wait.

The couple, in fact, told Faking News that they could have arranged Sanil’s wedding on the day of their daughter’s wedding, but Sanil had 3 more days left to turn 21.