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Marwadi guy agrees to give treat by paying half the bill; invites only one friend

27, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Marwaris are strictly taught not to waste food, or waste resources, (including water) and most of marwaari parents enforce those restrictions on their kids.That’s why marwaaris are perceived kanjoos (Which I don’t think they really care much about). But a recent live example seen in Mumbai has really put the authorization label on the myth that Marwaari’s are not a free spending community.


Shwetank Sharma a businessman from Mumbai who had a record on never giving a treat to his friends finally decided that its time he should do away with the label of being a kanjoos.

But Shwetank ade a strategy so that he can give a treat without losing his money. He told 4 of his friends that he will give a dinner treat where he would pay 50% of the bill amount. His friends were pretty excited for the same and were expecting to get a call from shwetank soon. But that never happened.

Only 7 days later they realized that Shwetank had invited only one of the friends and paid 50% of the bill. On being asked by his frineds, Shwetank proved the fact that he had never told them that he will invite all four of them to the party. All he said was that he would give a treat and he kept his promise.