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Massive honking by concerned citizens fails to clear traffic jam

07, May 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. An orchestrated attempt of blowing car horns by responsible citizens sitting in their respective four wheelers failed to clear a petty traffic jam in Tilak Nagar area early in the day today. The incident came as a shock to the concerned citizens, who were hopeful of unclogging the road with non-stop honking – the most used feature of their cars.

“There was all round honking for continuous half an hour I guess, but every car appeared to be stuck at the same place,” Satinder, one of the honkers, claimed. Satinder had blown the horn continuously for five minutes, but his persistent and polite request of getting a pass was turned down by the driver ahead.

Traffic jam in Delhi
Scenes just before the jam began

“The car ahead of me was moving very slowly, some aunty was driving it seems. These women drivers, I tell you!” he said. Satinder considered the aunty solely responsible for the jam.

“Man, I didn’t even abuse her as she was an old lady,” Satinder explained how he followed his honking attempts with civil courtesy, “Yes, I did deliberately bump into her car, but it didn’t leave any dent. I just wanted to make sure that she takes note of the jam.”

“I was pretty polite,” he added.

However, Kiran Dikshit, the aunty, blamed it on the car ahead of her. “The driver was moving very slowly,” she said, “Yes, there were at least seven cars ahead of him as well, all of them stuck in the traffic and honking, but this guy ahead of me was totally hopeless. How could he not hear the horns?”

Many others, who thanked their honking skills for managing to have driven 100 meters in an hour, blamed various factors like government policies, corrupt cops, wrong placement of traffic lights, kids wiping car-screens, cycle-rickshaw peddlers, and rising temperature among others for the horrible jam.

However, all of them seemed to agree that honking was the only solution to all these problems.

“We would have been stuck in the traffic till night if we didn’t act and blow horns,” asserted Amit, a professional honker who claims he can blow car horns to the tunes of popular Bollywood songs.

“I was playing ‘Anarkali Disco Chali’ song in my car and I could blow horn to match the beats,” he recalled his attempts at clearing the traffic jam.