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Matric examinee angry at family for not helping him with cheating

06, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Navada, Bihar. Murli Prasad, a third-time matriculation examinee, has expressed deep frustration over the half-hearted attempts by his father and elder brother in helping him cheat during the ongoing class Xth board examinations. The 17-year-old fears that he might fail yet again at the exams for no faults of his own.

“Other students’ parents and guardians jump over fences and scale walls to deliver the purzas (chits of papers with answers), while my brother recklessly threw a piece of paper that landed three rows behind me,” Murli complained and dreaded the outcome, “If I fail the exams again, I shouldn’t be held responsible.”

Family members of examinees do their best to help their wards receive quality education

Murli was hoping to get pass marks this year and study bio at higher secondary to become a doctor; a dream that might remain a dream for one more year. His elder brother, who is studying History after having failed to qualify for Engineering, has pleaded innocence as he was struck by a police laathi (bamboo stick) while throwing the chit towards Murli, resulting in the chit falling off target.

But the explanation has failed to pacify Murli Prasad, who believes his family has let him down at such a crucial juncture of his life.

“Police has been there for ages and for everyone, still cheating has been continuing. I deserved better,” Murli rued, who is now planning to complain to the state education minister so that no other student has to suffer academically due to his or her family background.

He blamed the education system for failing to create a level playing field for all the students.

“Even though I’m disappointed, my heart goes out to those students whose family members are not in a position to help them. The government must look into these matters,” the young man said.

When asked, state education minister expressed regret that some students had to suffer due to such shortcomings in the system, but he expressed hope that all problems would go away once the class Xth board examinations were abolished after a few years.