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Matrimonial site to soon have an 'Add To Cart' option; will deliver spouse to your home

26, Oct 2017 By Akash Vadera

The most famous matrimonial site in India, is coming up with a unique and innovative feature and its users are far too happy and excited about it. The 1 million user base matrimonial website is now coming up with an ‘Add To Cart’ option. You can choose your life partner and add them to cart and get them delivered to your house after checking out.

The CEO of, Mr. Mangal Kumar, was available for an interview on Skype. Here’s what he had to say about this breakthrough feature, “It is a known fact that e-commerce sites have add to cart option. All of us shop on them and get various items delivered to our house. So this one day, I was ordering the book ‘How To Get A Girlfriend’ from Amazon as it had a 95% discount. I know you wouldn’t believe it.. but yes.. I AM single. Owner of a matrimonial site being single is like a bakery owner having sugar deficiency. Anyway, when I saw ‘Add To Cart’ option on the site, a bulb glowed inside my head. I thought why not add this feature and similar other features of e-commerce sites that people love to use, to my matrimonial site. I gathered my tech team and we discussed the features.”

Speaking about the features, he added, “So the new site will have an ‘Add To Cart’ option. You can browse through the options (Boys/Girls) and add the ones you like in cart. If their bio matches your interest and if you feel that this is the right person, you can order that person and we will deliver him/her to your home. You can choose from various options with many filters such as city, height, color, income, Milind Soman lookalikes (for women) and Chitrangada Singh lookalikes (for men). You can also request to us if you want a particular person with same income but different height or a person with different figure but same caste. Also, plenty of customization options will be available. Moreover, we would offer a 7 day free trial for those who want to just know the other person or have an engagement. We will also offer cash on delivery option to those who have been deceived earlier by someone’s profile picture. For those who are sure of marriage or as I like to call them ‘desperate for sex’, we will offer card payments. We are closing our former website and we will make sure we redirect the traffic on to”

By adding this feature, Mangal has surely gained a competitive advantage over his competitors. We now wait to see how Mangal will deal with returning, repair and replacement issues.