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Matrimony portal launches Sanskari Index to identify 'Sanskari Bahu'

20, Oct 2015 By YoungOne

Mumbai: In an attempt to woo its users, online matrimony portal has announced the launch of a Sanskari Index. Parents looking for a Sanskari Bahu or guys seeking sanskari prospects in their future bride are the target users for such an index.

A typical Sanskari Bahu
A typical Sanskari Bahu

In the event organized at a world famous ½ star hotel in Bangalore, portal said that this feature would be available free of cost for all the user profiles.

Sanskari Index will be derived statistically from parameters like alcohol consumption, food preparation skills, shopping habits, frequency of pub and parlour visits, addiction to Saas-Bahu serials, instant messaging services and social networking sites.

If your profile satisfies a certain criteria, a sanskari icon will be automatically added to your profile picture as a mark of a verified ‘Sanskari’.

The spokesperson Mr. Pravakta further revealed that alcohol consumption limited to weekends, food preparation on alternate weekdays and shopping restricted to online mode could fetch a pretty good Sanskari ‘bahu’ index. A sanskari profile picture will automatically increase the index.

On inquiring among some youths about the usefulness of such an index, our reporter got mixed reactions.

Mr. Sid working in a MNC said that it will be a useful index in convincing his parents and he would refer his girlfriend’s Sanskari profile to his father. Ms. Richa, an IT employee, said that Sanskari index of a boy will be of no use because for her only money matters.

Another youth said, “This is indeed a good feature. I am looking for a girl with a matching Sanskari Index, who like a ‘Sanskari bahu’ can co-operate her husband in every aspect of life, including smoking, drinking and partying at home.”

On being questioned about the authenticity of such an index, the portal said that a team of social scientists has arrived at the index after a lot of research studies. The calculation of the Sanskari Index is a highly complex one and is beyond the understanding of ‘aam admi’.

Though the exact formula would be available to registered users of the matrimony portal, only intellectuals who already understood Interstellar movie should look for it. Do you still want a Sanskari Bahu?