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MBA aspirant manages to differentiate between Raghuram Rajan and Chhota Rajan, hopes to make it to IIM this year

01, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Anshul Gupta has finally done justice to his attempt and preparation at appearing for MBA exams after he could successfully differentiate between Raghuram Rajan and Chhota Rajan.

If you have nothing better to do, try MBA
If you have nothing better to do, try MBA

Speaking to Faking News, “Just like most other aspirants, after completing my graduation I had no clue what I wanted to do. Appearing for competitive exams was the obvious choice to kill time. Since CAT is on Sunday, I thought of appearing for it and then spending the rest of the day just chilling with my friends. In fact I got a few other friends to fill CAT forms, just to give me company.”

“I didn’t know how MBA would do any good to me, but it seems like having it on your CV will fill up the blank spaces just in case you have nothing better to add to your CV,” he added.

When asked about extra preparation for the exam he said, “Although I don’t like reading Economic Times, I had to force myself to read it because all others did that. To tell you honestly, I ended up scanning through the pictures. After 3 months of preparation I can now confidently differentiate between Raghuram Rajan and Chhota Rajan. Now I feel like I can make it to IIM.”

We also checked if Anshul’s optimism has driven him to prepare for the GD/PI which also needs to be cleared before getting even a missed call from any of the IIM. “I don’t know if quality of content matters over talk time at GD’s. I just need to make myself heard, without letting anyone else speak. For that I have been watching Arnabs Newshour debate and parliamentary sessions just to get a hang of GD’s,” he said, confident that his preparation was on the right track.

Meanwhile, Interesting statistics were revealed by a research conducted by Faking News post CAT exams. There was a significant increase, approximately 150%, in the number of aspirants who said ‘maine toh aise hi attempt kiya without preparation. Next year theek se prepare karoonga’. And like most other cases, women have outnumbered men here too.

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