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MBA girlfriend holds performance appraisal on Valentine's day; puts BF under review until Friendship day

14, Feb 2016 By Nihit Kshatriya

Mumbai: In an incident showing greater professionalism seeping into love, Damini Sharma, a 28 yrs old Mumbai girl, conducted performance appraisal of her boyfriend, Mr. Bajrang Prasad.

Damini Sharma
Disappointed Damini after Bajrang’s poor performance

Damini and Bajrang completed 1 year of their relationship this Valentine’s day and Ms Sharma, who is an MBA from India’s ace institute (promoted by a pony-tail and fake placement reports), feels that this is the most objective way to determine if they are ready to take their relationship to next level.

Performance reviews were earlier only limited to corporates where bosses would get the distinct honor of spitting in their subordinate’s face every year. As modern relationships also depend on how much shit one can take from another, this isn’t a bad idea at all as per Ms. Sharma.

Speaking to Faking News, Ms Sharma said, “Well as an HR professional, I have been trained to conduct annual appraisals and I am just bringing some professionalism to my personal life. This isn’t the first appraisal for my boyfriend, I have conducted quarterly review sessions with him as well along with monthly progress reviews.”

“These periodic reviews help develop a positive employer-employee  boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. We will come to know whether we have come far enough in the relationship to promote each other to fiancee. If there is no progress however, we may have to call it quits. A pink slip will not look so bad on Valentine’s Day when everything is anyway Pink”, Ms Sharma said.

Unfortunately for Bajrang, he didn’t do too well during his appraisal and has been put under Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) till Friendship day when his performance will be reevaluated. “If Bajrang doesn’t show much improvement till then, I will confine him in the walls of friendzone”, Ms Sharma confided in us.

Meanwhile, Bajrang Prasad is considering whether he should resign from his boyfriend position permanently and join his namesake organisation, Bajrang Dal. “Why should only my Valentine’s day suck. I can ruin it for others too through Bajrang Dal”, Bajrang said.