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Meat sale was banned because people were using too much of onion which is a scarce natural resource during meat preparation: BMC

10, Sep 2015 By dasu

Mumbai: This piece of news has come as a savior for news channels including TimesNow as they were running out of topics after Sheena murder case coverage, which was already on a downward spiral in terms of TRP.

Image of the scarce resource that led to the ban
Image of the scarce resource that led to the ban

In the meantime meat lovers who are just behind porn lovers, in terms of majority, are worried how they will manage these 4 days when meat sale ban will be in force.

After people threatened they will pour out on streets and call Anna Hazare who is staying nearby to lead this movement, BadaMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) which was earlier reluctant to share more on this topic finally decided to update us on the real reason behind this announcement.

As per one of the senior official of BMC, “People have no idea what all we have to go through to run the city. Due to all these round the clock usage of smart phones and similar power hungry equipments, not much coal or water is now available for next generation. Too many unnecessary calls have taken a toll on our spectrum which is another critical natural resource. It seems no one is bothered to protect another natural resource like onion which is used in most of the staple diet we eat. Look at the price, it has already gone ahead of dollar and is very close to the euro level.”

BMC official further said, “Onion quantity in our country right now is at all-time low. Unless we protect whatever little is left, we are going to have a tough time. Recently we did a survey for what all purpose onions are used. We are surprised to find out that this is used maximum for the preparation of meat based items. We do not know why? Meats are anyway tasty; do not know why cooks are unnecessarily adding onion. We all loved Maggi, most of us did not use onions while it was being prepared. We need similar products like Maggi which will help in reducing onion consumption.”

“When things were going out of control, we had to do something. Just imagine what will happen if onions reach a price point where banks will start issuing personal loan to buy this commodity. We are not foreigners, how we will eat omelet which has no onion,” BMC official told us. For our clarification the officer added that eggs are not part of the ban.

When we asked the BMC officer if instead of meat, they could have banned onion for some time to protect whatever little left. BMC officer said, “Looks like you have no idea what onion symbolize for the common mass of India. If all other food items become costly it is ok, but by election time if onion price does not come down the ruling party will be routed completely.”

When we asked BMC official how people will manage these 4 days. BMC officer said,“Please do not raise topics like our news channels do, without going through the fine print which we have published. Initially the ruling government wanted eight consecutive days of ban. We are also meat lovers, we made it four days and staggered the ban dates so that people can purchase and store. As such the meat you eat in hotels and restaurants, do you think they purchase on the same day?”