Mechanical Engineer sees a dream where he is celebrating Valentine's Day, suspended from college the next day

28, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. There are many things that a Mechanical Engineer hates. The top of that list is occupied by Valentine’s Day. And Shwetank Jain had to suffer as he dreamt of celebrating the romantic day.  He was rusticated from the college just for thinking about Valentine’s day.


Shwetank did this crime two days back when out of nowhere he dreamt of celebrating the big day with a girl. He had never seen such a dream and was feeling very happy. He thought of everything right from the types of flowers, the dinner place, and the gift. But the next day was a nightmare as he was suspended from the college.

He got a letter from the HOD saying that he has violated a rule for the Mechanical branch and has no right to continue his studies. Even after repeated requests made by Shwetank, he was not able to convince the HOD and had to finally leave the college. The news has sent shockwaves across the nation as Mechanical Engineers across the country are watching horror movies so that they get dreams of ghosts and not of Valentine’s days when they sleep.

Karan Johar’s ‘Kalank’ tops the list of those horror movies.