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Mechanical Engineers left disappointed after nobody came to beat couples in their college

14, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Mechanical engineering students of Seth Ghaseeta Ram Engineering College (SGREC) were left disappointed today when no moral brigade came to their college to beat up the couples from Computer engineering. The students kept waiting at the entrance of the college the entire day and eventually threw the garlands in the dustbin.

Bajrang Dal
Such scenes were not seen in the college this year

Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the country as a contest between lovers and moral brigades. While lovers try and meet each other to show their love and affection, moral brigades try their best to stop them from doing so. The same contest was expected inside SGREC this year again but the moral brigades skipped the college leaving dozens of students disappointed.

Speaking to Faking News reporter, a Mechanical engineering student of final year, Sandeep, said ,”You can’t trust anybody these days, not even these moral brigades. Since we didn’t have any dates, we thought we will enjoy Valentine’s Day by watching those Computer engineering students getting beaten up. Alas, nothing like that happened. Not even one group of gundas came to our college to stop these couples. Whole day we kept looking with jealousy at those couples.”

Joining in, Sandeep’s batch-mate Arun said ,”It is all because of the Western influence in our society. Our own cultures and traditions don’t mean a thing to today’s generation. When we have a tradition of moral brigades beating up couples on Valentine’s Day then why wasn’t it followed this year?”

When asked whether they are planning any protest against inefficient moral brigades, Arun said ,”Protests? Bhai wo JNU me milenge. We have to finish our degree.”